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Fri Apr 27 2007, 01:42PM
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Taniguchi uses almost every classic racing technique throughout the course while drifting. Heel toe, left foot brake etc, but as pointed out by Ken Nomura, he uses the side brake in a unique way that does not lock up the tire. From the outside you can't tell he is doing it. He will pull the side brake without pushing in the clutch to smoothly effect brake balance. -Drift tengoku video volume 5
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Never Lift
Fri Apr 27 2007, 09:33PM
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nice. i do that. that must mean i'm as good as Taniguch. Well maybe not.i
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Thu May 31 2007, 10:24PM
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i do it all the time in my m30.

HAHA because its automatic LMAO
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Dan at MAX USA
Fri Jun 01 2007, 10:57AM

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Automatics can drift ok if you have loads of power.
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Sat Feb 28 2009, 11:25AM
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aka the "cheating" side brake.
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Mon Mar 02 2009, 10:14PM
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i dont remember why but one time i think at balcony, i ebraked while i was flooring it. i pulled sooo hard. it worked.
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Mon May 31 2010, 07:09AM
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ohh it deff works ive done it before trying to link 2 sweepers i exited halling ass and i kicked back the other way and was just pedal to the floor and i didint think i would make it but i yanked it and just barely made it got my one front tire in the edge of the dirt i think its only effective with speed and the momentum you have in the direction your drifting in which makes sense but ive tottaly done it before
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