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Mon Jan 23 2012, 04:58PM
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build these already they will sell. like block racing mass produced parts for hondas lol. some times you need them other times you just want the bling holla at me holms
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Wed Feb 01 2012, 07:32AM
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Joined: Mon Jan 30 2012, 02:48PM

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If you could do something for us JZZ31 guys also it would be great.
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Wed Feb 01 2012, 04:52PM
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Cheap "missile" parts for the SC??!!?? CL dudes would be calling blasphemy for that haha.
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Dan at MAX USA
Wed Feb 01 2012, 06:38PM

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SC is a really heavy car and needs the pillowball and forged parts. IMO
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Sat Feb 11 2012, 08:53PM
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im in

when are you planning to present it in the market?

[ Edited Mon Feb 13 2012, 11:50AM ]
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Dan at MAX USA
Mon Feb 13 2012, 01:21PM

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we will be testing the concept soon, and after its proven, we will make some announcement about the next steps.
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Fri Feb 24 2012, 05:20PM
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I'd be super interested as well.
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Tue Jun 12 2012, 08:14PM
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im digging these
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Wed Nov 14 2012, 10:43PM
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Saw some updates on facebook, are these being tested right now?
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Dan at MAX USA
Thu Nov 15 2012, 11:59AM

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yes on a car getting milage put on them right now.
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