Steering mod for SC and Supra

MAX Japan Online Store
we are now offering a modification service on your OEM knuckle called Kakou knuckle service (Kakou is Japanese for modified)

~Price is $250 plus return shipping. (email us for a quote)
~Professionally welded with gussets for strength.
~Has some bumpsteer correction and reduction of ackerman.
~Same steering angle improvement as the super angle kit for Nissans.
~Standard color is orange, other colors are $10 extra.
*We recommend welding a custom bumpstop to the coilover lower mount but this is different for each vehicle because of wheel size, offset and desired angle so we will not be providing the stop.
*stock or aftermarket inner and outer tie-rod is ok (Yanack outer pictured)
This has been track tested with great success on Bigwave's white SC 300.