Air Suspension & Coilovers for UCF30-31 LS 430 Lexus
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Bag Over Damper Option

Air Springs & Service to prepare dampers for use with air

Bag Over Damper Air Spring, 14ID top, Bellows Type, 1/4" compression fitting for DOT line.
~ For use with all MAX dampers with m52p1.5 threaded bodies with 65mm x 49.8od unthreaded upper shock bodies.
~ All 2015 and earlier dampers need to be sent in for mandatory servicing to meet the spec above.
~ Dampers already equipped for air will be released mid 2016.
~ For use with m14 top shafts such as all rear dampers and Double wishbone fronts only.
~ Fitment excludes m52x2.0 thread version: s13, s14, SC, FC, r32.
~ 5" Inflated diameter
~ Lifetime manufacturers defect warranty
~ Sold individually.
*Requires management system of your choice with 1/4" lines
*Requires an additional 3/4 inch of wheel spacing/offset clearance versus coil springs.
Double Wishbone Front or Rear Air Spring, Bellows Type
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Similar to our Competition Coilovers in Features and our Pro Coilovers in Appearance, the VIP coilover provides plenty of performance and style at a reasonable price. These are designed to go scrape-the-frame low, so they have a pretty stiff ride to keep the car from touching down on bumps while maintaining a low height which may be a bit jarring for luxury tastes at speeds below 30MPH but the significant increase in suspension performance is welcomed when cruising smoothly and confidently on these VIP coilovers at higher speeds. The style of the car riding low all day every day, instead of just hard parking on air bags is unbeatable.

MAX VIP Coilovers for LEXUS LS430 & Celsior UCF30/31 (2001-2006) 20/18KG USD,
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initial parts debut finish is 3 stage copper paint with gold anno collars and gold spring
*FYI while the front and rear look similar, the front has the thicker spring, shorter lower mount and lower bushing side spacing is 2mm wider than the rear.