Steering Angle for SXE10 Altezza IS300 and JZX100 MarkII Chaser Cresta
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Rack to ITR Offset Spacer

Designed in partnership with Daigo Saito of Fat Five Racing for use on his ground breaking MarkII jzx100 chassis, and also compatible with the IS300. Rack to tie rod forward offset spacer set adds angle through increased rack throw and prevents steering lock up (over centering) at high steering angles by assisting the tie rod's leverage over the knuckle. Adjusts the pivot point of the inner tie rod forward 35mm which requires a notch in the cross member, filled by the supplied plates. Allows SXE and JZX chassis cars a higher caster setting that causes severe over centering making the steering wheel hard to turn as the tie rod looses leverage. This offset spacing does cause some stress on the steering rack itself but reduces overcentering and promotes buttery steering feel at high angle. Sold by the pair. *Requires a notch to the crossmember and welding

IS300/JZX100 Rack Spacers with notch filler plates USD,
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