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Dan at MAX USA
Tue Jul 31 2012, 01:54AM

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I am soooo pumped for Eisuke San!

Pretty photos too = ) Ha ha, I love it.

Translation by Martin below:

[main title] – (all new) Arm Brand, MAX
Everything about these parts is designed for people who actually want to drive and drift super slammed cars!
[cloud] – We support SHAKOTAN (slammed cars)
[text inset on the large picture] – In the past arms were all similar looking, without variation besides color and more recently we were aware of 326 power doing something different, but this new release of MAX parts developed mostly in California has been found in Shizuoka, Japan and they are true originals!
[main body] – When we first pulled up to Parts Shop MAX, we were expecting one of those importing/internet sales warehouses, but we realized this is a big automotive service shop with body & paint services, and even an engine tuning dyno. The owner Kawamori San works each and every type of service the shop provides, but his strength is in performance tuning. Don’t be afraid to ask him for any services you may need weather its for your drift car or even your work truck.
This shop has been around for years, so we are sorry we never came by to do a review. Kawamori San actually makes his living mainly from his specialty drift parts business. The new suspension parts design was founded on the desire to offer a low car the same smooth suspension stroke, performance, and longevity/reliability as a normal car. Best of all, these original parts are available at a price everyone can afford. They have a sister shop, Parts Shop MAX USA as well as a new branch in New Zealand.
The arms they showed me don’t look like anything I’ve ever seen. The lock nut design, The size of the pillowball and housing, anyone can take one look at this and know they are original parts. A concept point that is stressed in everything Parts Shop MAX does, is when you go to the track and break something it just ruins your day, so the overbuilt nature of these parts really helps with the typical problems that low cars have from going off course. Amazingly, they even warranty their pillowball against coming loose! Kawamori San is confident it will last for years without needing replaced. Lately its so hard to find something new, that’s why its so refreshing for us to discover these innovative parts!

[the product photo captions explain the features, this is not translated directly but I will give you a quick run down] - The MAX pro toe rod is made to clear the sub frame mount on lowered cars and its adjuster is easily accessed instead of being between the sub frame tabs like other arms that are so hard to tighten.
The camber arm has a special angle that not only helps clear the near by chassis pinch weld, but its bend is also upswept to clear the axle boot. Every part is heavy gauge steel with all forged critical components and every adjustment can be locked in place so it never comes loose. The pillowball is pressed into a forged steel housing using a special bearing retainer compound, set screws, and sometimes locking collars depending on the application. Silicone dust covers protect and extend the life of the maintenance free ptfe lined joints and the special pillowball side spacers allow for misalignment angle while giving max surface area for subframe mounting strength.
The front lower control arm and tension rod have been combined for strength and the mounting position of the new tension rod allows for more steering angle clearance.
The replacement rear drop knuckles improve roll center by 25mm for better handling and traction with less camber gain upon compression. When joined with the MAX subframe solid riser bushings, the best performance and axle joint life can be realized. Toe, traction, and RUCA mounts are all pillowball on the rear knuckle. There are even tabs for mounting a second caliper to compliment the MAX hydraulic hand brake.

[ Edited Wed Aug 29 2012, 10:22PM ]
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Wed Aug 01 2012, 06:19AM
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WOW!!! thats suck a dope spread!!!! congrats dan and all the guys over at parts shop max. now if only america could stop sucking and buy your shit rather than the cheap knock off shit !!!!! buahahahahahaha (never going to happen)
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Dan at MAX USA
Thu Aug 02 2012, 12:16AM

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updated with translation.
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