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Fri Aug 01 2008, 06:24PM

[ Edited Fri Aug 01 2008, 06:36PM ]
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Dan at MAX USA
Fri Aug 01 2008, 06:42PM

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Great pix of heaven on earth nate!!
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Wed Aug 13 2008, 12:53PM
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wheres the video nate?
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Thu Aug 14 2008, 09:54PM

ok so here's the deal i took a lot of rad video and my computer is full up with no more storage and i'm a little past half way, everytime i open my editing program it freezes i was thinking about just doing the footy from yz but i think i'd rather do it all and then seperate it and put it up on it's own.
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Never Lift
Thu Aug 14 2008, 10:41PM
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okay ross
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Sun Aug 31 2008, 12:43PM

the movie/video is coming along

Martin post more pics and matt too!
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Tue Sep 02 2008, 04:24AM
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nice pics guys looks like everybody had fun
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