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Dan at MAX USA
Tue Jul 27 2010, 12:23AM

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Ackerman angle and power relationship from sept. 2008 DT page 26-27

The theory with low ackerman is that with tons of power you could carry your drift along a straight section very far with good front traction and in various corners you have the power to easily steer with the rear as both front tires track together, But if you did not have the power to sustain such a long high speed drift then its usefullness is limited and side effects would compromise the grip on a low power car. For most drifters, a conservative reduction in ackerman is more appropriate.
Applying this theory to professional drifting and aftermarket parts success is Daigo Saito & Hey Man products (D1GP Red 800PS Chaser)
They offer several levels of angle and ackerman shown on the top of page two left part is OEM, second is a street drift, third is the 600HP car, and on the right is the 800HP D1 spec. Each one has a little less ackerman (never gets to zero) and a shorter steering arm for more angle and quicker steering.

The MAX Super Angle kit has adjustable ackerman depending upon the knuckle extension installation position.

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Sat Feb 05 2011, 03:25AM
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there company name is amazing. (heyman) lol some great info here.
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Thu Apr 26 2012, 07:06AM
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Look how young Daigo looks! Haha
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