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Dan at MAX USA
Wed Jul 22 2015, 03:37PM

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The L.B. OTR was created for using the S14 Limit Break FLCA on a wider setting in combination with a rack forward modded crossmember. When in this situation like FD pro Matt Field, you are not using the rack to inner tie rod offset spacers, and therefore the only way to use our ITR (even though its already longer than stock) is to have a really long outer tie rod end. The Limit Break OTR is longer than all other aftermarket OTR's on the market because we wanted to have both the desired length and as much thread overlap as possible at the same time for maximum strength. And we made it beautiful just because we can = )

We're sure that there are many other applications that we have not thought of yet for a longer than commonly available OTR such as using shorter but stronger Z32 and Z33 ITR's and the DIY guys that chop and extend the OEM FLCA. Use the information provided below to sort out your own custom combinations.

~ Measures 155mm or 6-1/8" from the joint center to the end with maximum thread overlap in the M14p2.0 outer joint.
~ The turnbuckle accepts ~45mm of m14p1.5 ITR thread length + ~11mm Jam nut = 56mm or about 2-1/4" ITR thread length desired for maximum ITR thread overlap
~ 6061 aluminum turnbuckle with gold anodizing and laser logos
~ CrMo PTFE lined m14 outer joint (standard misalignment type for the strength of the bearing race thickness)
~ Stainless Steel High misalignment top and bottom spacers adds 8 degrees of range and much better rigidity than stacked washers.
~ OEM joint height which is required by our forged roll center/super angle knuckle.
**M14 through bolt (13.86mm shoulder to be exact) requires the knuckle to be drilled with either a 35/64 (13.89mm) for the most precise fit otherwise a 14mm bit works as well.

List of commonly used inner tie rod lengths measured from the end of the threads inside the rack to the end of the threads in the OTR:

02-08 350Z.... 9.37"
89-00 300ZX.. 9.89"
89-94 240sx.. 11.10" (m12x1.25)
95-98 240sx.. 11.37"
94-99 maxima 11.42"
96-99 i30...... 11.42"
97-01 Q45..... 12.00" (same with 01-06)
00-04 i30...... 12.91"
99-03 maxima 12.91"
03-08 maxima 13.30" (same with 04-06)
PSM Spherical....12.5"

Our ITR is 316mm overall or 296mm from rack flat to tip. the L.B.OTR is 155 to joint center. 296+155-45 thread overlap = 406mm from rack flat end to joint center.
Add 35mm width to any of these numbers if using our rack to ITR offset spacer.

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